The tradition of the Brielhof dates back more than 400 years. First mentioned in 1602 the Brielhof is known to be a royal mansion for hunting. A map from 1716 shows the Brielhof as a post station with large mews and agricultural buildings.

In 1897 the great grandfather of the present owner, Mr Wilhelm Hentsch, got married to the daughter of the local brewery, the Schlossbrauerei Haigerloch. His wife Ms Elise Zöhrlaut contributed the Brielhof to the new family.

In 1997 we have celebrated our centennial jubilee in the Brielhof.

However, even in the early days the Brielhof had a lot to offer: The lavish painting on the ceiling in the Fürstenzimmer, which dates back to the year 1890, opens the view to the illustruous and highly reputable guests staying at the Brielhof in those days.

Due to the visit of the German Emperor the railway station of Hechingen is being built.The decorative wall paintings at the station are being produced by the same artist who painted the ceiling in the Fürstenzimmer of the Brielhof. Therefore, it is thought that the Emperor has been among the guests at the Brielhof and the Fürstenzimmer had been created for that special visit.

Since many generations our family is thriving for excellence. Our guests should feel truly at home and should truly remember their visit to the Brielhof. We sincerely hope that we are successful in this very aim.